Laughter Yoga

Laughter is the most contagious and universal language in the world. We all love–and need–to laugh, and laughter is a key to improved mental and physical health and overall well being. Laughter Inc’s expert Laughter Professionals, Keith and Mary, guide you through simple breathing techniques, laughter exercises, laughter activities and laughter meditation to elicit laughter. No humor required. Contact us for more information to schedule Skype-based Laughter Coaching, in-person Laughter Yoga sessions, or “4 Hours of Fun Playshops”.

Working and playing with Keith and Mary gives real and immediate access to the possibility of thriving and delighting in a life well-lived. Formerly Rives Carlson Coaching, Laughter Inc was created in 2005. Our mission is to radically increase the enjoyment of health, wealth, work and play through Laughter Yoga, dynamic coaching and “4 Hours of Fun Playshops” TM.